38 week Appt & Belly Pics

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38 week Appt & Belly Pics

Appt went well. Still seeing spots. Having lots of contractions. BP still high for me (especially bottom number)... they aren't sure why. BP 120/84. No protein in my urine. Ethan sounded great! I go back Thurs for another BP check & then I have my pre-op appt on Monday. Still holding at +25 lbs for the pregnancy.

Here's my comparison belly shots...

36 weeks 1 day

38 weeks 1 day

I think my belly looks lower... honestly, it is no wonder with all the contractions I've been having. Just trying to keep him in there until Tues!

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I think your belly looks lower, too. Sounds like a good appointment! Just a little longer, Ethan!

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Sounds like a great appt. You do look lower and great. Only a little longer to keep baking Ethan!

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Definitely lower! Any reason behind the spots??

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I was gonnna say your belly doesnt really look any bigger but definitely LOWER.....

I have the spot thing going on as well. It's really bad when I'm outside..

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"AimeeLynne" wrote:

Definitely lower! Any reason behind the spots??

Nothing definitive since my bloodwork cleared me of pre e. OB said I could be low on iron (bloodwork was fine) or not hydrated enough or it is just a wacky pg thing. They think it will go away shortly after birth.

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great appt! Good to hear!

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You look great!

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You look great Mama!

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Nice belly! Good luck with everything!