3D US pics

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3D US pics

we got a CD with over 50 pics on it....these are some of my favorites. In one you can see her foot up by her head. Then at the end she was pushing to try to get a good shot of her face since she was all up in the placenta for most of the US.......well Baby threw her hands up by her face and started wiggling like crazy. I think she was DONE!!

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Great pics! Thanks for sharing! I love the ones of her feet, they're so tiny and cute!

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She is such a cutie!! TFS! Smile

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So cute! TFS!

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cute little nose! I love baby feet as well. TFS. Can't wait for mine next week.

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Aww little Allie-Gator! I'm glad she's still a girl. Biggrin

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So sweet! TFS! Glad she is still a girl! LOL

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She looks adorable! TFS!

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She is precious! TFS!

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awww so sweet!

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So sweet!!