3week growth spurt?

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3week growth spurt?

Hey ladies, has anyone elses lo gone through a three week growth spurt? For the past two days Brenna has been close to inconsoleable. She is hungry all the time. We are totally on formula (my supply just dwindled) We are feeding her 3ozs every 3 hours and it still is not enough. I have given her 4oz today to see if that would help. But it still seems to no avail. She is so fussy and cranky. She will not sleep b/c she is so fussy. I know it is a vicious cycle. I really have no idea what to do for her. She is crying all the time! Any advice you have would be much appreciated!

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This also the time that colic can set in. Can't really give you any ideas, out of practice with newborns and Robbie was such an easy baby that I really do forget.

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It could be a lot of things. It could be colic, in which case nothing is really going to help other than time. Have you tried swaddling, they tend to fuss more while being swaddled and for the first few minutes, but quickly relax and become quite content. From your description she could also be having gas pains, have you tried gripe water or gas drops, along with tummy massage and cycling her legs. Remember to take time outs yourself, and sometimes babies really do just cry. :openaems: It does get better!

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Yeah, Egan is going through a growth spurt, he'll be 3 weeks on Monday. I know it's a growth spurt though because he calms down after eating and my boobs feel much fuller so he's been nursing more to make sure I'm making more I'm sure.
He was inconsolable last night around 4am-4:30 am but I finally reswaddled him, bounced him and he had a lot of gas and was able to go to sleep.
If she's crying that much, I would bet on colic, gas, reflux, or a dairy intolerance (which can cause gas/reflux) depending on your formula.
I hope it's a quick thing and she's over it soon though. I agree that the swaddling really seems to help.

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I'm sorry she's crying so much! Like PP said maybe it's colic. I hope you find something that helps her feel better. I know it's hard to hear your LO cry but this phase will be over soon :bigarmhug:

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Thanks ladies! We do have her on gas drops. They do help shetends to be gassier at night. She hates the swaddle but I but her in one trying to calm her. It works some of the time. Last night she finally gave in and fell asleep for a while. She seems to be more settled now. No crying or fussing. I am hoping we are on the downward slide of this. She is normally a delightful baby.

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This is about the same time that I was saying Kessler was confusing my boobs because he was trying to eat non stop and then he'd got a really long stretch of sleeping and my boobs would feel so full b/c of all the nursing he had done. So, yes, it she could be colicy, but this is also the time for a growth spurt.

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Just know that the growth spurt will be over soon!

I read a lot online bc like you say, Sarah is normally a really great baby and suddenly she was crying all the time. The best advise I say was to try to feed her every single time she cried. She hardly ever turned it down - she really was that hungry! Not sure if you can do that with formula, but it did help her fussy times to decrease a lot.

Just a thought, if you did just switch to formula, do you think she may also be adjusting to it?

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3 weeks is when CJ's colic started settling in. I hope it's a growth spurt and not colic.

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are you constantly doing something to stimulate her while she's crying? holding her, bouncing her, talking to her, etc etc etc? Maybe she's OVERstimulated? try swaddling her and putting her in her room for a few minutes (not long, just maybe 3, 4, 5 minutes) and see what happens. When DD was a baby, I figured out *finally* that sometimes she just wanted to be left alone Smile