4 months! (Pic Heavy)

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4 months! (Pic Heavy)

Sophia turned 4 months old yesterday and this Friday will be one year since I got my BFP! I can't believe how fast time is flying. We have our 4 month appt tomorrow, but I weighed her on the baby scale at home and she weighs 12 lbs. 12 oz. Still bfing great, but I still struggle to pump enough at work for the next day so I have to supplement with formula. I'm hoping to catch up one day and take all formula out. I started taking Goat's Rue since Fenugreek and More Milk Plus didn't seem to make a difference and my supply has increased the past couple of days.

Oh and I took DS to the doctor yesterday (he has walking pneumonia) and I told her how Sophia hasn't gotten sick one time yet. The doctor is amazed that at 4 months old and going to daycare that she has not gotten sick. Yay for booby milk! Smile

Here are some pics from Sophia's first 4 months!

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Ok...it's not posting my pics for some reason. :confused:

Never mind...I can see the pics from my phone, but not computer. Weird!

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She is so gorgeous! Yay for supply increasing, and keeping my fingers crossed that she doesn't catch pneumonia. Hope Stephen feels better quickly!

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Gorgeous! Love the new pic Smile

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Love the pics. She is adorable!!

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Such pretty eyes! Can't believe we're starting to hit the 4 month mark!

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She is such a beautiful little girl!! Smile

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Such a cutie! TFS!