40 weeks, 3 days Update

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40 weeks, 3 days Update

For about 5 days now I have been having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions, some being a little more intense then others (not feeling much to menstrual like cramping). I went to my appt today to see if I've had any progress and to get the stretch and sweep done.

WELL, I am a fingertip dialated Sad and the stretch and sweep barely felt like anything, and so far no contractions/progress has come out of it. My MW did a non-stress test and the baby looks good. Friday I go for an ultrasound to make sure baby looks good/ fluid etc. and then Monday (Halloween) is my set induction date @ 41 weeks, 2 days :(.

Ugh!! Lets hope I have her sooner!!! Or I might be having a November baby!

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I'm glad baby is looking good :). It won't be long now!

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Glad baby is looking good, it won't be long one way or the other now.

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so close! I was only a fingertip and thick when my water broke, so there's still hope! Good luck. It would be fun to have a baby on Halloween though, but I know you're already past your due date. Hoping she makes her arrival soon!

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I hope this baby surprises you and comes soon Smile Good luck!