6 week checkup and update

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6 week checkup and update

Finally!!! Thought I would never make it through the first 6 weeks, but I have been feeling great and my appt went well. I still have alittle abrasion that needs to heal and the exam was painful. They asked about BC and I told them we plan on having another one soon. Of course they say to wait a year to heal but without using BC I'm not so sure if it won't just happen. I really want to be done having babies soon and before I change my mind about having another one. It was really hard to go from a 3 year old to doing it all over again.

Nicholas is doing great! He loves being held ALL the time, but he is always squirming out of my arms. He doesn't really like baby wearing. Just my arms. He is good at taking a bottle of BM for daddy or when we are out. So happy about that! He holds his head up very well and can do it for a good 30 sec. He still eats every 2 hours day and night but at night he eats ( I side nurse him) and he goes right back to sleep. I never have to get up with him. He takes alot of cat naps during the day unless I am lying right next to him. Anytime we go out he seems to think he has to be awake for it and always is awake when I want to eat lunch or dinner. GO figure. He is getting big.. I think he is around 12 lbs but not sure until his appt. next week but his infant carrier is getting really hard to carry these days.

And I couldn't post this without a new pic of him!

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Sounds like a good appointment! I can't believe how big and handsome he is! Enjoy your little guys Smile

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Sounds great! That stinks that he still wakes to eat at night so often, but it seems you've got if figured out pretty good. Having to physically get out of bed and walk across the house is a chore in the middle of the night.
Love the new pic! He's so handsome!

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He's such a cutie..

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Sounds like you guys are doing great! Hopefully he'll start stretching out his night time sleeps for you soon. He is a cutie:)

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Aww, looks like you have another blondie! He is absolutely adorable, glad you are both doing so well!

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He's so cute. Smile

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He is so adorable and getting so big! Glad to hear everything is going well!

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Such a cutie! TFS!

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Glad to hear he's doing well, what a cutie!!!