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Add one to the......

:sleepyboy: Blue Team!

DH is pretty thrilled. U/S tech asked me if I wanted to know the sex, I said yes, but when we looked at the legs, I could tell on my own. Def. little boy parts. Just got quick pics, but she didn't print "the money" shot. They usually do u/s at 10 weeks and 28 weeks, so I'm pretty happy that my previous doctor didn't normally do one and I got to go in now. I don't know how I could have waited until 28 weeks. Also very happy with the office. It's got to be the nicest office I've ever stepped foot in. It's a team of 3 obgyns. Husband and wife and another one. I saw the female today but will see the other two throughout the prgnancy as well.

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Great news!! Glad you really liked the office!

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Congrats on your baby boy!! Smile

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YAY!!!! Congrats on your apt! What does DD think of her new baby brother??

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she's pretty happy to finally know. We've been kind of prepping her for a boy, so she was all smiles afterwards. I think she would have been all smiles either way though. Old enough to understand it all and young enough to be easily swayed. Gotta love 4 year olds!

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Congrats again. Glad she is happy. Both my daughters are having nothing to do with mine if it is a boy. Not touching, changing, feeding, holding him lol

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Forgot to add that I've only gained 7lbs in the past 10 weeks since my last appointment in IL. Not too bad. I think it's about 9lb total.

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yay! Congrats! Boys are so much fun!!!

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Congratulations on a little boy! I'm glad that you like your doctor as well.

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That's wonderful! Congratulations!

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Congratulations !!!!!!!

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Congrats! Welcome to team blue! You're going to love having a little boy!

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