Advice Again?

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Advice Again?

As you can see, I truly am a first time Mom and breastfeeding has been a challenge. David has been having trouble the past two days with gas and having bowel movements. We had a three and a half hour fuss fest last night. As soon as he managed to pass the gas and have a bowel movement, he went right to sleep. As I mentioned, I'm breastfeeding. It was my understanding that breastfed babies are supposed to have less gas then formula fed babies. I've looked at my diet and nothing has changed since he was first born. I haven't had any broccoli or anything like that. So, I'm kind of at a loss. Any advice you could offer as far as helping us determine why he is so gassy and how we can help him pass that gas would be greatly appreciated.

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cycle his legs (like he is riding a bike) to help pass the gas, there are drops that help if it gets really bad

try taking dairy out of your diet, chocolate could cause issues

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I agree with cycling his legs. Also massaging his tummy can help. I've found for both of mine that a swing/bouncy seat can work wonders for helping them have a bowel movement.

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DEFINITELY just cut dairy out of your diet alltogether. That is most likely the case. Lots of babies have milk protein allergies and it really effects their stomach, they can be miserable Sad But my advice would be to stop right away with milk, cheese, yogurt, etc, anything with dairy.

adrian has a milk protein allergy and he was having bloody stools, so i cut out dairy of my diet when i was BFing and it stopped. now he's on similac allimentum formula which has no milk protein in it, and hes fine now Smile good luck

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I agree with Alyssa. We have used Mylicon (well, not Mylicon but Little Tummies... the active ingredient in both is simethicone... sp?...) with a lot of success.

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I read somewhere to also try to hold baby more upright while breastfeeding to reduce gas rather than laying down. It mentioned that if you had a strong letdown that baby might also end up with a gas from gulping down the breastmilk fast....IDK. Just something I read.