after 3 months of moving... I'm back! xp

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after 3 months of moving... I'm back! xp

Hey ladies!!

I disappeared around mid April with talk about moving and then never resurfaced - well after moving - and then moving again (all within a 10 mile radius, I assure you!) we are finally settled in a home and the internet is set up and we are all feeling a bit more like ourselves.

So the short story is that in early May we moved into a house that was a bit small for us, but the logic was we would save money and be able to buy or build a house within 2 years. About 2 weeks after moving in, we started realizing that our landlord was a bit off. For example, when I told her that her 15 yr old fridge was not working properly and said that we were planning on buying a new one, she made it clear that we would be expected to keep the old one in the house (which is all of 70 sq meters) and that if there was any damage to it, we would be responsible... yeah, odd.

Then a neighbor yelled at me from her doorway that my children are always outside, and do I think this is a playground, and this is a quiet block with no children (she and I live right next door to a kindergarten and there are at least 5 families on the block with 4 or more children.) So that was weird too. A few nights later my landlady called to say that the neighbors are complaining and that we'd better keep quiet and not bother anyone...

It got worse from there and we decided we didn't want to live like that, so we moved again. Now we are in a lovely house that is a bit bigger, it has citrus trees in the yard and our sweet kindergarten teacher landlady lives next door and her grandkids were outside playing with my kids yesterday evening, and it has a/c in the living room which the other didn't - and all, thank God, is now well. Smile

Pg-wise, my ticker knows better than I do what week I'm at! Around 28 I think. The midwife from Tzfat who I had hoped would be able to attend my homebirth just told me 3 weeks ago that her backup MW will be able to make it and I now have awesome birth attendants and I'm very happy! Baby loves music and wiggles in tempo - and last Thursday DH and I went to a Jazz festival at the winery where he works and one segment was Latin Jazz - and the baby LOVED it!!! I was cracking up! This one's going to salsa out into the world, I have no doubt!

Anyway, that's the breaking news from my end... I'm really happy to be back to the world and can't wait to catch up with what everyone around here has been up to!!

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Glad to hear from you! Happy you finally found a place that seems to work for you.

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After some annoying stuff, it sounds like things are going very well for you! Congrats on your move!

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renting can be a nightmare! but Im glad you have found a safe and happy place.

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Welcome Back!! Glad you got your housing situation squared away.

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Wow, that was a lot of transitioning. Glad you were able to find a good place and have come back to the land of

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Welcome back! Smile

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I'm so glad you were able to remedy your living situation so fast. Welcome back!

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Welcome back!

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glad to hear all is well. I know what it's like to move multiple times. It can be frustrating but extremely satifsying once you finally have it all figured out. Good to hear that you have great neighbors now. That makes all the difference...Welcome Back!

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thanks everyone! there were so many times that I wrote a post in my head asking for advice and support from you ladies, but it was so hard to get to a computer and once I actually started typing, I'd get frustrated and angry and not be able to put it into words...

anyway, I'm still trying to make this place feel like home, we'll get there (hopefully before October!)