After 4 girls, baby #5 is...

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After 4 girls, baby #5 is...

I've been without internet connection for a few weeks, but I'm back with an update! Smile

We had our big ultrasound last week and found out that our next baby is going to be a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: We are all VERY excited!! As far as we can tell baby boy looks healthy! Smile

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Aahhhh!! I thought for sure you would probably have another girl! Poor little man is going to be outnumbered! lol Congratulations!! Biggrin

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Congrats on getting your boy! I bet all his big sisters are super excited! Smile

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That's so exciting! Finally a boy!!!! Of course, this means you'll have to do some shopping since you have so much girl stuff. Congrats!!!!!

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I was just wondering when you were going to find out!! How exciting!!! Sounds like you need to get SHOPPING!!!!!!!!

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How exciting to have a boy!!! Congrats!

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OMG, Laurie, I'm so excited for you!! what wonderful news! Not that another girl wouldn't have been perfection, too. But it sure is nice to try out another model! Smile Can't wait to hear what his name will be.

and half way baked already! The time is flying. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes so smoothly for you both.

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WOW! That is exciting! Have fun thinking blue!

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Well, that's a change of pace! Congratulations!

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Wow! I bet you were surprised! Congrats on blue Smile

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Congrats on your prince! Super exciting!

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Congrats on the little boy!

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Congrats on your little boy! I'm so excited for you!

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congratulations Laurie, the girls must be so excited to have a brother.... this is so cute are you out shopping for blue already?

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Congrats on your baby boy! You sure will have lots of little helpers!! Smile

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Wow! Congrats! Have fun shopping!!!!