after 5 loooong weeks....

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after 5 loooong weeks....

Aisley is breastfeeding, with no shields!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today was the real test, as we still were using then on side side just till milk was flowing, I left the house without the shield and we had no choice but to just latch on, and she did!

Yay!!!!!!!! And she's at to 10lbs 4oz at 5 weeks, I am so proud!

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Congratulations! You did such a good job sticking with the shields until she could do it by herself! You should be so proud of yourself! :woohoo: From here on out it's easy as pie!

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Yay, that's awesome!!!

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That's awesome, congrats!!

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I am impressed! We are just getting off the shields at 8 weeks. Way to go, Mama!

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That's so awesome, congrats!

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Yay for easier breastfeeding! WTG!

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Wow, great! I'm so happy for BOTH of you!