All sorts of questions..

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All sorts of questions..

Okay Ladies, I know I have lots of questions being a FTM. I though we could start a thread so when I/ we remember (pregnancy brain) we could ask each other.

I'll go first..

Lets talk laundry detergent. I am not sure I buy into the whole baby detergent. I think maybe (just for laziness) it seems a bit crazy to me to have a completly different detergent for my baby. What are your experiences? Would you use it again (if you did the first time)?

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I never got baby detergent I just got free & clear detergent and the boys have never had a problem with it. I don't use dryer sheets on their clothes though.

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I use free and clear on their clothes. I usually buy a small container of it and use it on all the kids clothes (cause I wash them all at the same time) until I run out. By then you can tell if there is a problem or not. THen I just switch everything back over to my regular laundry detergent. But I'm using free and clear now for everyone, so I guess it doesn't make much of a difference. Smile
The Dreft and some of the others actually can cause problems with babies with really sensitive skin.

I will say, I've found it's easier to wash all their stuff separately from ours just so I don't have to sort little baby things. Smile When I just had one baby I would do a load every other day or so of clothes, towels, blankets, sheets. Now that they're older I do a load of clothes a week and a load of blankets/sheets. They use our towels.

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With DS I used Dreft. I was super cautious 1 because DH's father is allergic to dryer sheets, so I didn't want to take any chances. 2 I got a bunch of it from my shower, I loved the smell and softness so I kept using it till DS was about 6mo old, then transitioned him to ours.

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I use baby ivory snow for Clara's clothes... she always has her own separate laundry cycle and detergent. Babies have very sensitive skin, it's best to use a more gentler detergent and do things separately. I find regular detergent will make their clothes rough and gives some babies a bit of rashing... but it depends, definately stay away from detergent powder, the liquid tide is pretty good now.

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I washed with dreft when they were very little under 6 weeks. Then switch to a free and clear and wash in a seperate load. I use the dryer balls for static on baby clothes no dryer sheets.

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Can't remember with my first too long ago lol With my second I just made sure it was a fragrance free one and non-biological. Never put in own wash though. Just switched everyones to that soap. Much easier and never had issues with doing so.

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I use "All" Free and Clear. I'm sure you can use just about any bottle of free and clear laundry soap. I only used the 1 bottle of dreft that someone gave me at my baby shower. I do know Abby had/has sensative skin and has never had a problem with the dreft. She would break out all over her face if she ate random things like ranch dressing, strawberries and something else...of course she was around 15 months by that point.

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We used Free and Clear with DD when she was a baby, now she's using ours. As for fabric softener, we use the liquid free and clear for ALL of our laundry!

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We use a Free & Clear detergent and fabric softner for all of our laundry.

With DD, I started with the F & C detergent and it was fine... EXCEPT it didn't remove the spit up smell. My DD spit up horribly. I finally switched to Dreft and it stopped the lingering smell, thankfully. I still wash her laundry in Dreft and I just bought my 2nd bottle about a month ago. I was pleasantly surprised with how long it lasted since my DD is currently 19 months old.

I will most likely use Dreft on DS's laundry until I feel like switching to the F & C.

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I used Dreft. DH is very allergic to certain detergents and I was worried that our son would inherit his allergies so I just registered for a bunch of it and surprisingly I had about 6 months worth. I did wash our clothes separately from the babies. Much easier to sort that way.

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I started out using dreft with DS but he got a rash from the fragrance in it. I switched to tide free and clear and still use it with my kids laundry. No fabric softener since I guess it does something to reduce the fire retardency in sleepers and stuff.

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Thanks for all of the imput! It really helps.