Alli's Birth Story

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Alli's Birth Story

soooooo......You all know I was pretty bummed after my appt on Thurs the 29th because of him telling me he WOULD NOT induce. Anyway he had done a stretch and sweep and I started feeling crampy along with the little bit of blood. Well about 11 pm I drank 3 oz of castor oil with OJ and then headed to bed. Woke up at 2 am with contractions and more blood when I wiped. Let my mom know what was going on and went and picked my brother up in case this was "IT." Anyway got back to the house and my brother went to sleep on the couch. I got things together for my bag and took a shower. Was still having contractions every 3-4 minutes. Anyway I decided about 5:30 am to have my brother take me to the hospital. My mom would come up after she dropped the kids off at school and went in to work and called her assistant manager.

So I got to L and D, got hooked up and was checked. She said I was about a 4 (was not quite 2 at my OB appt Thurs) but she said I was still Thick. So I hung out for an hour and she rechecked me. Said I was a 5 and would most likely be admitted since i was a VBAC. By now it was 7:30ish and they did shift change and "my" nurse came in to move me to my labor room. she also informed me that my OB was the ONLY ONE that DID NOT ALLOW and epidural for a VBAC (something about it masking the pain if your uterus ruptures) (Within a couple hours I knew I did NOT like this nurse, I think she was fairly new. Acted like she had no clue how to check my cervix...) Anyhow got to my room and the charge nurse came in to get me hooked up as the other nurses had a staff meeting. She also told me that my Dr was the one on call and said he would be in to break my water in a bit.

About 8:30 he came in broke my water........about 15 min later my mom showed up and at 10ish my friend Liz got there. After he broke my water my contrax got alittle closer and more intense but not to bad. I did ask for a shot of stadol since I had been up since 2 am so I could sleep a bit. My nurse checked me and said I was still at a 6........My Dr came in and said they were starting a low dose of pit because I wasn;t progressing. Here is where i started to freak a bit as I knew I couldn't have an epi. Anyway by about 230-3ish I was having to concentrate and breath through my contrax. Dumb nurse checekd me and said 7.....I started feeling like I needed to poop so she decided to check me again and says I am a 5 (WTF???? My OB walked in right then about 4 pm and was like ummm from 7 to 5 thats the wrong way. He checked me and said i was about an 8. Apparently they had another VBAC going on and he expected her to deliver before me cuz he went to her room .....

Right after he checked me I had one HELL of a contrax and the charge nurse came in to check me ( I think I had finally made it clear I wasn't impressed with my origional nurse). Anyway she said I just had an anterior lip and she wanted me to push with my next contrax so we could get babys head in front of it.... So I pushed through 2 contrax and she tells me to STOP pushing and starts yelling for the Dr....(like DR LOBAUGH HURRY UP GET IN HERE Smile my mom said the nurse was pretty much holding her hands over my crotch and Allis head so I couldnt push her out. My body had other The Dr waks in all nonchalant and the nurse says SHE"S CROWNING!!!! He had his robe thingy about half way on and got his glove on just in time to catch her. Alli was born with that push. We went from no baby to fully delivered in one push.

My first thought was she was small. I really thought she was UNDER 7 lbs. AND we were all surprised at her head full of brown hair as all my others were bald.

The last 30ish min of my labor were pretty intense but the end result was worth it. And being able to get up and move about right after was nice also. My Dr told me before he left the room that his partner was the one doing rounds Sat morning and he would probably let me go then.

Alli and I were discharged right at 24 hours after birth. She is cush alittle cutie and all her siblings are in LOVE....

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What a great birth story! Sorry you had that nurse.

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Great birth story! I started laughing at how she was born just because it seems that so many of us have had similar deliveries where the baby just comes out without hardly pushing. DH said that the resident was holding my legs closed and had her hand on the baby's head to keep her from coming out. LOL! I didn't even realize she was doing that. Like that is really going to stop it!!

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What a great story! Congrats again. Can't wait to see pictures

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What a great birth story! I'm so glad you were able to go on your own and that you got to have your second VBAC! Congrats! We're going to need a few pics though :).

I thought the same thing when DD was born, saw her and thought on my gosh she must be a 6 pounder! Turns out she was just a few oz shy of 9 lol.

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So glad that you were able to get a safe VBAC! Boo for a sucky nurse, but at least you didn't have to deal with her when the baby was being delivered.

It does seem like a lot of our pumpkin pie deliveries have been fast. Congrats!!!!

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Congrats on a safe VBAC! Glad that you finally got to meet your baby girl