Am I the only person who...

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Am I the only person who... completely annoyed by other people - that are NOT pregnant - complaining about being tired or having a headache or being in pain??

Maybe I'm just this irritable lately. But when my DH constantly whines about being tired or having a headache, I'm completely irritated. Then there's other family members that complain about being in pain or their back aching when they are overweight & that is the root cause of their issues. Now I'm not doubting that they are in pain. My issue is maybe you shouldn't eat a box of donuts & whine in the same sentence... because I find that utterly annoying. Ugh!

Sorry... I don't mean to sound rude but I don't constantly whine & I feel like crap. I try to suck it up & do what has to be done.

Am I completely hormonal & insensitive? Anyone else find this annoying?

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If you're being hormonal then so am I! All I want to do is sit back and relax, not do a million and one things while other people sit back. I don't want to hear my neighbours complain about being tired ... of course your tired, you were up drinking all night. It's gotten to the point that I don't want to leave the house because I'm going to snap and go hormonal on someone.

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Yep totally annoys me. I was at my grandma's house the other day and my uncle kept going on and on and on about how his this hurt and his that hurt and he was tired and blah blah blah. I sat there and listened intently while he went on and on for about 10 minutes. When he was done I looked at him and laughed and said "You wanna hear about all my aches and pains?" lol

My friend and her husband came over last night and she is pregnant (first trimester with 3 young children at home, so we all know how tired she has to be) and her husband was complaining about how tired he was after sweeping and mopping their house that morning. She and I were both like ":rolleyes:, preaching to the WRONG crowd, buddy!"

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Add me to this group as well..........

My cousin plain pi$$es me off.....she'll get up at 8ish take a 3 hour nap and then by 8pm be complaining that she is tired????? I'm like really?? And you think I want to hear this why? Let me tell you about my 9 hours of sleep...oh wait it was really about 5 with all my pee trips........and a NAP???? are you freaking kidding me it's the weekend and ALL my kids are home.........ughhhhhhhhhhhh

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I'm a little opposite

I get sick and tired of people saying, "How do you feel?" and "You shouldn't be doing {insert simple task}." I feel like saying, "When did I suddenly become four years old again?" I'm pregnant. I'm not dying of a terminal illness, and I don't have a disability. *Grumble, Grumble*.

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Lol, I feel the same exact way when DH complains about being tired or not being able to sleep well! I'm like, are you freaking kidding me?!?! YOU are tired? YOU are having a hard time sleeping!!!??? Try carrying around a huge child that YOU put here and then you'll have a teeny tiny bit of an idea of uncomfortable REALLY feels like!!! I hope you get to feeling better soon!!

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I'm with you - drives me crazy! I also hate being told I can't do things just because I'm pregnant.

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I would guess that you are being totally hormonal and insensitive because I am feeling the exact same way. I am normally very kind and cant stand to hear negative rude comments about people but lately all that kind of junk has been coming up in my head. I am so afraid it will come out of my mouth! In fact that is why I have been avoiding most people right now. My MIL was here all last week and normally we get along really well and she is great with my kids but man, I couldnt wait till she left, she was pissing me off at every turn. And yes, lastnight DH was telling me how tired he was and I just about snapped! this is the dangerous time for me so I am better off just keeping to myself right now.

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I am so sorry, but I totally had to laugh at this! Its exactly what I'm feeling. It's gotta be a mix of hormones and stupid people! Biggrin
"Ohhh I'm so tired"...REALLY?? Did you wake up last night 4 times to go to the bathroom, and then twice to eat some tums, then get up and get a 2yr old ready for daycare, while you got ready for work, and DH was out of town?? Being pg totally takes a toll on our bodies!

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I am so with you on this. I have no patience for people right now.

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Yep, this is getting a bit wearing on me too. DH is just awful about it! Always saying he's tired and then taking naps! He does work all day... But he works in a cubical, in an air conditioned office! It's not like he's doing manual labor or anything! On the weekends I get up early with the kids while he sleeps and he doesn't even appreciate it! But like you said I just suck it up and do the things I normally do, and with a smile on my face! It'll be over soon enough!