Another baby dream

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Another baby dream

at least in this dream I was actually trying to feed my baby, but everything else was just chaos!

Anyone else having more dreams about your baby being born?

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none here yet, but I rarely remember dreams unless I'm sleeping really lightly

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I have dream that my baby comes out and noone will tell me the sex of the baby! I literally scream at them and then I wake up...

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I've been dreaming that my husband misses the birth because of work. My water breaks and I phone his work to get him to come home, and get told that they really need him for a bit, to give them another call when I'm admitted. Of course by the time I'm seen in triage, I'm fully dialated, and don't even get to a l&d room before delivering.

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I dreamed the other night that he'd been born and we named him... we haven't chosen a name yet, so I think it's my response to worrying about that!

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I've had several dreams with baby being born. The other night was the most vivid. They've all occurred in the past three weeks.

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I had a dream this weekend I was pregnant with a MOUSE. All this hard work, and it was a mouse. Quite the imagination I have.

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I haven't had a single dream about this LO yet. Last time, I had a sweet dream about DD & she came out looking almost identical to my dream. This time my dreams are just WEIRD & nothing to do with a baby!

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I had a dream a while back that baby came fast and since DH takes our only car to work, I was stuck out here all by myself with the kids. Everything went fine but I didn't have the car seat yet. So I decided I'd walk to Kmart with my 2 yo, 3yo and fresh new baby. I wanted to have it before DH came home for whatever reason. Once I got there they didn't have the one I wanted so I got a chicco and the salesperson was giving me attitude about the one I picked! Totally random huh?