Anybody Else..???

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Anybody Else..???

Is there anyone else here that is extremely emotional? I was driving to town on my niece's birthday and I heard her parents send a "happy Birthday" on the radio and I started tearing up...I have no idea why. I have been working lots 6 days a week, most days are between two jobs so 10 hours a day Fool ..I don't know if I am more stressed or just emotional? But I can start crying over nothing... My busy two year old does not help b/c I don't get much down time...she has tonsilitis right now, last month and the month before - ear infections, the flu...she has been sick almost straight for the last 4 months. So a very cranky toddler - especially with Mommy. Pls tell me others are going through this!!

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Oh I cry over loads of things. Was watching the London Marathon today and tearing up. Commercials make me cry, cannot watch Ty Pennington lol My daughters Easter Play yep more tears. I don't even have half the stress you do and am doing it. Your hormones are going crazy right now, plus lots of stress. It is totally normal. Hope your daughter gets better soon.

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I cry over everything. TV shows, Every sad story, when I think about anything happy I tear up. I don't mind it as long as no one sees me do it!

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Yes! I even cried the other day when my DH told me his dad had said something rude to him.. heh

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I'm pretty emotional, trying to keep a handle on it though, especially at work.

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I'm a complete wreck. Especially with DS! He's just the sweetest most sincere kid ever and whenever he does something sweet I just cant help but tear up! I'm just so proud of the little person he has become! I try not to because he's barely 3 and gets totally confused, but I can't help it sometimes! DD is sweet too of course, but she's a lot littler so doesn't express it the same :).

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Super emotional here! I see a person on tv cry...that's it, it just pours out! I can't watch those baby tv shows in front of DH, he makes fun of me lol.