Anyone else??

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Anyone else??

I can't help but to do a lot of research on U/S and what to look for as far as gender goes Biggrin I've even been looking at U/S's on youtube to gain knowledge of what to look for. I know well what a boy looks like, they're just a bit too obvious... But lil girls I hear are a bit more harder to determine. Not sure the truth in that cause to be either somethings there or there's not!! LOL Ughhh... I need these 3 weeks to go by QUICK! Dirol Before I drive myself crazier!!

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I am dying to know, too! But I don't think I'll get to find out until the end of May! So I'll obsess with you, too Smile

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When I was pregnant with DD, we went in for the 20 week ultrasound at my docs office. The u/s tech put the gel on my belly, stuck the wand on there, I looked at the screen, and before she could even say anything I said 'OMG IT'S A GIRL!' She laughed and looked closer and said "Yep. Baby girl!" So with DD, it was obvious. I actually have more trouble seeing boys than girls.

I find out in 42 HOURS! :eek::D:eek:

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I was doing that and comparing my 14 week u/s pic with online pics to see if they are close to what a girl looks like. LOL! I knew what DS was as soon as she put the wand on my stomach. He was not shy at all!

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Girls are pretty easy to see because they have 3 bright lines! I understand going crazy waiting. My 20 week U/S isn't until 22 weeks and I was so mad about it! So I just had a gender check at a private place. Which I swore I wouldn't do lol.

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I am not getting my hopes up as both of my girls kept legs firmly closed at my 20week scan so I had to wait until 24weeks with DD1 and 22weeks with DD2. They tried everything to get them to move. I drank OJ ate choc, did jumping jacks, jogged round the hospital. Nothing would make them move at all.

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yup, with girls you look for the lines. Not staying I'm good at detecting, but with plenty of neices and nephews I remember what to look for. Just be careful about early u/s scans! My sister was told she was having a girl and around 30 weeks found out "Jamie Kate" was actually Garrison John! Good thing she already had a girl and hadn't bought any extra girl things!

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My older one kept his legs closed too. We had decided not to find out and the tech said she did not even know since he was stubborn and would not open his legs.