Is anyone leaking milk?

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Is anyone leaking milk?

Just wondering if anyone is starting to leak milk or able to express any yet? I never had this with my first two pregnancies but I have with the last two and now this one!

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Just colostrum. I can squeeze a little out and when I'm not wearing a bra, sometimes there will be a few spots on my t-shirt at night.

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I am not the best statistic to answer this as I have been leaking colostrum since late 09. I have a hormone imbalance that includes prolactin overload.
that said, I started producing actual milk in june and was able to express an ounce from both breasts. It did that for a couple months and then turned back to colostrum. It will randomly squirt out sometimes. I think it is kind of funny.

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I have a little leakage throughout the day and sometimes big spots at night. First pregnancy, so I just figured my body was getting ready. It gives me hope that maybe I'll be able to produce milk without too many problems.

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No milk here! But they do feel a bit heavier...which mean they sag a lil more too :rolleyes: DH thinks its funny, so Im not too embarrassed by it when we DTD. I didnt leak at all while preggo with DD, but I leaked like craaaaazy when she was born.

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I've been leaking for the last couple months, and I feel my breasts definetly getting heavier and denser, which is what they did with dd.

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No leakage, but Ellie's stinky diapers have been getting yellower, so I assume she is now getting colostrum when she nurses.

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I noticed a couple of spots on the sheets that I thought were possible milk spots. Today when I took off my breast shells (inverted nipples - whole other post) I noticed some little crusties on one of my nipples. Seems like there is something happening there.

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I've been leaking for awhile now. Not much... just a few drops. My nipples are crusted with colostrum everytime I shower. I can see spots in my bras, etc. I haven't tried to express & I won't... I don't want any early labor. Wink

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I've been able to express a bit of colostrum for a couple of months now. Yay for boobs!!!

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Yep I'm leakig all over the place. I have been wearing breast pads for a few months now if I go out with a thin top on. Ive leaked badly with all my kiddos.