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Appt today

Today I had my 35 weeks appointment. They did the strep B swab, which wasn't as bad as I expected. We discussed our recent class at the hospital and my newest pregnancy complaints. Dr. agreed that the sharp "lightening bolt" pains I feel everyday are pains from the baby pushing on my cervix. She did an exam and my cervix is off to one side (which I've heard before). She said this allows the baby's head or hand to hit at a weird angle where there are more nerve endings. I am learning how to deal with the intense pain at work and hope that it doesn't last long. I am dilated to a "1"!!! I was pretty excited that there was been some progression, but my cervix is still thick. She said no baby this week or weekend and we'll check again next week. Afterwards, we went to the jewelry store and picked out a necklace that we're going to make into a birthstone piece. All in all, a good day Smile

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Sounds like a good appointment! I was 1cm at my last check, too!

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Yay for a good appointment!

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Sounds like a good appt!

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:woohoo: for a good appt!

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sounds like a great day! Yes, you could be at a 1 for a while but it's still nice to hear there's some progression! How fun to pick out some jewelry as well.

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Good for you ....!!

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Sound like a good appt!!

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The strep B really isn't too bad, just sounds it! lol. I'm glad you had a good apt. These babies can hurt when they are changing positions!

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Yay for good appt! Biggrin Bonus... on the jewelry!