average diapers per day?

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average diapers per day?

So new moms - what would you say is the average amount of diapers per day that you go through? I know it varies, but what's the average? It's been way too long for me to remember something like that.

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Gillian is peeing and pooping like crazy ... every 2 hours right now, so 12 a day. I know for the first week, they should be having the same number of wet diapers as they are days old, and at least a couple poos.

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Sometimes we go through 2 or 3 during a changing lol! As soon as I get a fresh one on he likes to dirty it.

He poops and pees a lot, which is great. But I am thinking definitely more than 12 a day right now. I think average is 12 for most babies though.

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I'd say 8-10. I change him everytime he wakes up during the day... and a few times at night. Sometimes I change him and he pees all over the new one so I have to grab a new diaper.

fyi- I can go about 2 weeks with newborn swaddlers (108 count)

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I thought I remembered changing DD's dipe every 2-ish hours, give or take, on average when she was new.

*must go stock up on diapers tomorrow.... have none in my house right now other than DD's size 5's*

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She has about 9 wet diapers and 4 poopy diapers per day so about 13 total.

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I would say 8-10 but sometimes we go through 3 at a time with the pee flying and the poop that seems to appear as soon as a clean diaper is on!

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Glad I have been stocking up all summer! I have about 15 packages diapers and 15 packages of wipes. Hopefully I'm set for a good 4-5 months.

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In the beginning sometimes it took 2 (or 3!) diapers per change. But I always did it every 2 hours with DD, DS peed A LOT so it was more like every 90 minutes.