Baby Cold

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Baby Cold

So myself, DH and both daughters have had a cough/cold since Callan was a couple of days old. Of course even though we have been super careful about hand washing etc, Callan now has a runny nose, cough and is sneezing Sad He is still feeding ok slightly shorter feeds, but I am offering/trying to feed him a lot more frequently. He is way too young to be sick Sad

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I'm so sorry your little guy is sick! Sad My mom and nephew both have a horrible stomach virus right now. It's been going around our town for a week or so now and I am praying that nobody at our home gets it! Hope little Callan starts feeling better soon!

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Hope you all feel better soon!

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Awe! Poor little man! It's sad to hear them sneeze even when you know they aren't sick, so I can't imagine seeing such a little peanut sick! Sad
Hope he kicks it quickly.

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Hope ya'll start to feel better. Cheyann had a stomach bug Sat and then Cole had it yesterday.....It's sooooooooo hard keeping them out of baby girls face.

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I am sorry, I hope you all start to feel better soon.

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Aww, I hope he gets over it quickly. Brandon started preschool this year and he has a cold right now but thankfully no one else is sick (hoping it stays that way).

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Aww, I hope he feels well soon!

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My DH and two DD's have been sick the last two weeks. I too have been very careful with washing and trying to keep the kids away from baby but just yesterday he started to show symptoms of being sick. Runny nose, congestion, cough and sneezing..... Poor guy, I feel so helpless Sad

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Yeah, my little Kai just came down with our cold lastnight. Finn has a super snotty nose and he is always offering Kai the binkie so I am sure that is how he got it. My sinuses really got filled up lastnight too so it was a rough night! Kai is still eating but is getting lots of extra air when he does. But it is hard to burp him so when he burps he has been puking up most of what he has eaten. He has an appt tomorrow to check his weight again and I am glad, I agree, wayyy too early for them to be sick!

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Oh no I hope everyone feels better soon!