Baby has a fever

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Baby has a fever

While I was in the hospital I had a low fever and high blood pressure. They kept me on tylenol and I felt better the next day when I went home. A few days later I am back with a fever but now I have a sore throat Sad Also, my DD1 has been coughing pretty bad, especially at night (but no fever). Today, Kendra, my newborn has been stuffed up and sneezing like crazy - green snot coming out too and well tonight her temp was at 37.6. It is hard for her to BF because she is so congested. Ugh I hate this, I feel so helpless. Any thoughts on how to help her feel better? This sucks....

No wonder she's been so sleepy today too

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:openarms: sorry she's sick. I would go into the bathroom, run the shower to build up steam, which should help decongest her so that she can nurse. Also definetly call your dr, illness this young can get serious fast.

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I hope she feels better soon. I agree with calling the dr. KUP!

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I agree with the others, definitely call the doctor if she has a fever.

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Hope everyone is starting to feel a little relief! How's it going today?