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Baby Registry

I know its super early, but I started a baby registry Smile Its so much fun! I have only done the basics online, and I'll do the rest if and when we find out the gender, in the store.

First time moms, this is one of the funnest things to do!!!

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I love doing the registry, too!! I can't wait to do another, but I'll wait to find out the sex. We don't really need much, just gender specific stuff. In fact, I have plenty if it's a girl.. but if it's a boy.. woah, we'll need a LOT!

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With Zara I let DH do the scanning at the store bc I was soooo tired and could barely walk. That will NOT happen this time around lol. He had all this hi tech stuff on our registry and then at one point it looked like he scanned a whole aisle lol.

I will do a registry again but depending on the sex I will either have a lot or a little to put on It. I'm just excitEd to have a shower! Parties r always fun Smile

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I did not do a registry with Robbie, so far this time I have made a "wish list" on BRU. We have NOTHING after 2 cross-country moves so we need everything. I do have a friend who is done and will sell us her baby stuff but I am sure there will be more stuff that I want.