Baby shower today!

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Baby shower today!

I had my first shower today and I must say considering everything that my sister is going through right now, she did an AMAZING job!! A few tears were shed when she presented me with a tea set that was my niece's and she never got to use it. The card she gave me was from my niece to Sophia telling her that she must have her 1st tea party in her secret garden (aka her grave). It was very emotional and sweet. I don't think there was a dry eye in the room. I am now exhausted and it seems like I am coming down with a cold so after I went through and put away everything we got, I am now trying to rest. Hopefully I start feeling better by tomorrow. Here are some pics from the party and link to the facebook album:

The food

Cupcakes and candy bar

The tea set

My sailer dress when I was a baby

My sister and I

My mom and I

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First of all, you look stunning! Your sister did a beautiful job. I would have balled if I'd gotten that tea set, too. How wonderful for you!!

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Love the dress! Looks like you had a good time!!! The tea set is adorable! How thoughtful and special!

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You look wonderful, and your sister is truly amazing, I think anyone would have bawled at recieving that tea set, with the story behind it.

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What an amazing party! The tea set is just awesome

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Very sweet, I am glad that your sister was able to put it together, I am sure it meant so much for her to be able to do that for you. And you look amazing!

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You are lucky to have such a wonderful sister.... the pics are all amazing !!

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You do look fabulous! I adore the cupcake and candy bar. I must say I'm pretty jealous. I don't think I'll get to have a baby shower with living so far away from family and just moving back here recently. Looks like it was a lovely day and i almost teared up a little just reading your post. What a special gift!

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You look wonderful. The pictures are beautiful. Your sister sounds pretty amazing. Smile

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Your sister did an amazing job! That must have been an absolutely beautiful shower. I agree with the PP... you look wonderful! I'm so glad you were able to have the shower... the gift from your neice is a definite tear jerker... such a beautiful sentiment though.

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Everything looked beautiful (including you!). It was sweet of your sister to do all of this for you. I'm glad that you are able to be there for one another!