Baby Sitter Fired Us! Advice?

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Baby Sitter Fired Us! Advice?

Remember how I was so proud about the fact that I might make it to the 12 month mark with breastfeeding? Well, we have another fly in the ointment. Looks like it probably won't happen, and not for a lack of our (mine and David's) desire to continue it. Here goes.

Our babysitter dumped us. She said that David wanted to be held too much, he wouldn't take naps, and he wouldn't take bottles from her. Now, we don't know what we're going to do. We can't afford a nanny. But she implied that the problem was that David was nursing more frequently since I don't work as much during the summer. She said he "regressed" and suggested that most mothers exclusively pump when they return to work to make it easier on the babysitter. What are your thoughts on this? How can I help David be more babysitter friendly? I really want to keep nursing him. Pumping is much more uncomfortable than breastfeeding him, even with teeth, and I really wanted to make it to 12 months. In addition, isn't milk straight from the breast preferable to milk that has been frozen and thawed or formula?

Am I being unreasonable here? I was planning on weaning him after his first birthday anyway....


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:lurk: Well, I'm just butting my nose in here, but I think you are better off. I would recommend finding a new baby sitter one that understands that babies do what they do. Why should you pump (harder for you, risky to your supply, not as good for David) just to make it easier on her?


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You're better off without someone like that around your son! I don't know what she is talking about, many mothers continue to nurse after they return to work. And 9 months is a really clingy time, they go through bad separation anxiety regardless of them being bottle or breast fed. Anyone who knows anything about babies knows that! You can make it to a year nursing, you just need a better baby sitter. I wish you good luck finding one :). When do you start back at school? Maybe this phase will be over by then. Because it's just a phase, I'm absolutely sure it's nothing you're doing!

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**lurker** i'm sure it'll be more stressful on you, as you have to find a new sitter, but i agree, you're better off. When my DH got a new job, we had a sitter and she 'fired' us too, after 2 weeks -- O was just too clingy and wanted to be held as well, she also wasn't on the best schdule since DH didn't really stick to a nap schdule (she was 8 months) She also had never been with anyone else other then me and my there was a lot going on. Some days she also refused the bottle.... One thing we tried was a faster nipple...i always packed both the fast and the slow just incase. Also, you might want to try a sippy cup? We found a new sitter and she has been AMAZING! and so supportive and really worked with O on getting a nap schudule down and then i followed her lead (had her write down nap times) and then stuck with it on the weekends and days i was with her.
Please don't think you have to not meet your goal of breastfeeding.....if it's something you want to do -- DO IT!!

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I agree! Go ahead and find a new sitter. You don't want your sitter/daycare dictating the choices you should be making for your child. It's a scary thing (choosing a sitter). This was the first time I actually had to do it. Before, I always worked at a childcare center, so I had the insdie scoop. This go round we live in a rural area and the only thing available is in home daycares and I just got offered a teaching position at the school, so it will be interesting how Kessler reacts to being with someone else when he will have been with me for 10 months by then. Plus, it's their job right. So we can complain if our child wants to held all the time because we're trying to do laundry and housework, but it they are being paid to watch kids then a sitter should be prepared for phases when babies are clingy. If the person doesn't want that kind of child then you are definitely better off without them because he/she may resent having your baby around and no one wants their baby treated as an annoyance.

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I'm sorry, but that babysitter is a complete idiot and has no business watching children if she can't learn to deal with the clingy phase they go through. I've been pumping at work for 8 months now and continue to breastfeed at home. Sophia started going through separation anxiety at 8 months and it has nothing to do with the fact that we are still breastfeeding. The ladies at the daycare just give her extra cuddles and lovin. Best of luck to you and I hope you find a new nanny soon!

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Count me in as another who wonders about your baby sitter's expectations and about her "data."

Most moms who breastfeeding and work pump at work and breastfeed at home and through the weekends. A minority quit breastfeeding and exclusively pump. That's a lot of work (kudos to you mamas who have needed to pump exclusively and are making it work)!

Babies that age often cling. They've discovered *gasp* strangers. They're much more opinionated. They expect more interaction from their environment. Some are ready to give up that afternoon nap. Sounds like your little guy is right on schedule.

I have a teen-age daughter who babysits/does nanny care. I thought I'd kid the sitter feedback on this one. She says, "Well, Mom...babies that age are a lot of work. I expect that I'm going to have to hold them or play with them most of the time. Tiny babies or older toddlers don't demand quite so much attention, you just have to keep a good eye on them and sneak in new ideas if you see them getting bored."

Good luck as you arrange another care giver.