A Baby Who Won't Nap....

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A Baby Who Won't Nap....

....makes for a very tired mama and papa. About a week ago, David decided he didn't want to nap in his pack and play anymore. And he really doesn't care to much for napping in his cradle in our bedroom. Where does he want to nap? On my chest or my husband's or a boppy pillow. Any ideas how I can make him comfortable and help him start taking naps again?

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The only way I can get Gillian to nap is in my arms. Her big sister was the same way, so I know it will pass. I just enjoy the extra snuggles, however, this only works because I'm, getting good rest at night and am not tired during the day. If he'll nap in the boppy and you can supervise, go for it. Otherwise, have you tried a bouncer or a swing? Sometimes I csn get her to nap in one of those.

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I have one of those myself :). I find baby wearing to be a lifesaver! I can get everything I need done done and Caleb is happy coming along while fast asleep. I've never had very good luck with babies napping until they get a bit older and are on more of a schedule. And then still it isn't easy lol.

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We have a rule, don't hold a sleeping baby! A normally goes to sleep in the swing or bouncy but once a day, usually evening, she needs to be swaddled, binky, and cuddles tight. As soon as she is out, she's put down.

I think be consistant and keep putting him down to nap where you want him to nap. Soothe him, rub his belly, but just break the habbit soon.

That's my opinion anyway, good luck!

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I had to face the hard truth that it was time to start true sleep routines this week. I realized after another evening a out of control screaming that I had a way overtired baby that just couldn't get to sleep. This morning I swaddled (we hadn't been doing that much because he would freak out when I swaddled) laid him down and just rubbed his head. He'd pass out and wake up a lot. It took a lot of going back in, giving him back a paci and rubbing his head again, but he's finally out. Everyone is different though and there's no right or wrong way to handle it. With Abby I always put her down awake and didn't hold her much when she was sleeping b/c I had to go back to work soon after. I wanted to really bond with Kessler this go round, but I think it's time he learns to sleep in his crib for everyone's sanity. It was getting to the point where he wasn't getting good sound naps in my arms. Hang in there! It won't be like this for long. (I kept telling myself that last night as he screamed bloody murder)

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Thanks for Advice!

Once again, thanks for your advice. To those of you who let me know you are going through the same thing, I really appreciate it. David and I seemed to have worked out a solution. I cuddle him until he just starts to doze off, but then I lay him down on a blanket or on a boppy seat right next to me. He seems to go right back to sleep if he can see that I'm there. Strange, I know, but I guess babies get lonely! It works for now, but he's always changing up his routine. We'll see what the rest of the week brings.

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I was having the same issue with Sophia until I realized that she likes to be bounced to sleep. LOL! I cradle her in my arms and kind of bounce them up and down. Works like a charm! Glad you found something that works for you!

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CJ is starting to nap better but he mostly likes to nap in our arms. When we try to put him down he almost always wakes up. He will nap in the boppy though so that's usually where he sleeps. He did fall asleep yesterday in the bouncy seat so I'm hoping that's a good sign.