Back briefly..

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Back briefly..

So I have driven up to my sisters for a few days with my daughters. Going home Thurs. So I have Internet access whilst here. I have to call our provider and order the home Internet tomorrow when the landline will be active. It has taken so long cause they screwed up when we moved.

I try to check in and comment when I can but it is difficult.

I am doing great, this little boy loves to stick his bum up to be rubbed. By Sat coming they estimate he will be about 6lbs. Finally over whatever bug illness I had. I am in total denial and shock that I have less than 6 weeks to go AAAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

Will try and catch up on everyone this week Smile

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Welcome back! Smile

Make sure you sign up for a Birth Buddy if you want one. The deadline is THIS Wed the 24th!

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Welcome back! Good to see you! Smile

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Welcome back!

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Welcome back!

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Glad you are feeling better! 6 weeks is not much time-eek!