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The move went smoothly. DH's birthday was our last day of work in Illinois. We packed the Uhaul last Thursday morning (April 14) and by 3:00 we headed towards Nebraska. We stopped in Des Moines over night just to break up the trip and got to Nebraska by noon. It was SNOWING!!! LOL. Gotta love midwest spring weather. The house is awesome. Denny (dh) went to work that Monday and it was my 29th Birthday. Best birthday present ever! Stayed at home with Abby kate. We made cupcakes, ran a few errunds and played. Still need to find a doctor and figure that all out, but I'm very happy to be here. The boys couldn't start planting corn and soy beans this week because of all the rain, but DH's more than happy to be out of the office and in a shop doing other things like welding and playing on the excavator...sp?
We didn't move any couches, so we currently have camping chairs in the living room. LOL. Gottta start searching for craigslist deals.
Glad to be back online and will try my best to catch up on everyone! At least I have the time now. Biggrin

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Glad the move went smoothly and it sounds like you will be much happier there.

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Glad to hear that the move went well! Good luck on craigslist. Smile

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Glad everything went well for you guys! :woohoo: for being a SAHM now! It's the best job in the world!

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Glad to hear the move went smoothly.