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Back online

Well it has taken all of the school holidays almost, but we finally have the Internet at home. Still not completely unpacked at the new house but getting there slowly. Still cannot find my diaper bag lol luckily I have a free one from a local store that will do if need be for now.

My kids go back to school/preschool next Tues and Wed, and I have my 36 week appt on Tuesday to do my risk assessment for the home birth. Am probably going to jinx myself now but I am feeling pretty darn good. Had an occasional night of rough sleep but most nights I am sleeping ok. If I walk to much in a day by evening I have pelvic pain. Other than that all is good and I am kinda sad it is so close and coming to an end. I think especially as this is probably the last one for me Sad Unless DH has a miraculous change of heart (doubtful).

Will take a 36 week pic this Sat and update on here too.

Glad to be back Smile

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Yay for getting internet back! I'm glad everything has been going well for you. Smile

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Welcome back! It's great to see you again Smile

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glad you're back! Hope everything goes well at your 36 week and you get your home birth.

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glad your back!!!

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Can you believe we are almost full term??? I think I'm having a freak out day! LOL!

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Glad your back! Hopefully everything gets cleared for your homebirth!

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I'm so happy you're back! We missed you!

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