Back from vacation

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Back from vacation

Got back last night from a mostly wonderful, relaxing vacation in gorgeous North Bay. Spent lots of time swimming in the lake, and generally enjoying spending time with the in-laws (yes, I do actually love my in-laws, and for the most part enjoy getting along with them). The only real issues were dd deciding to get on eastern time for everything except for bedtime, which stayed on mountain time (oh joy, two hours less sleep for her every single day), and on Saturday, when I woke up from a nap in so much pelvic pain that I couldn't stand up. So I got to experience North Bays l&d, which was pretty good. The good news is miss G/Jillian (haven't decided on spelling yet 100%) is growing right on track, and happy as a clam in there. The bad news is that I have SPD severe enough to limit activity Sad

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Sounds like a great trip! Every morning I get up with that same pelvic pain, but not as severe as you just described. Hope it gets a little better. It's one of the more annoying symptoms of this pregnancy.

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Sound like a wonderful vacation. I hope you start to feel better.

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Glad you had a great time! That pelvic pain is a killer! Hope you feel better soon!

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Dana, I have severe SPD, I'm in so much pain it's not even funny. My ligament has actually torn down there so I'm in constant *stinging* pain and when I move it feels like the bones are grinding and broken. My OB is trying to get me to take percocet and other painkillers but I'm trying to hold off as long as possible. I find what works best is definately LIMIT your activity. Keep your feet up and sit as much as you can. Hot baths make me feel amazing so I do that everynight. Avoid bending over ... start treating yourself like you are on modified bedrest because if you don't it gets worse. For me there are no long walks, no trips to Canada's Wonderland or Storybook Gardens this summer... my older kids are hanging in there and my DH has had to even take over taking them to baseball games. Just focus on the fact that all this is over in about 2 months... as hard as it is I know.

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Glad you had a good vacation but sucks about the SPD. Sad I hope it gets better or more manageable with rest.

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Glad you had such a good trip! I'm sorry to hear about the SPD! I have a touch of it myself this time too :(. I hope you're able to stay put as much as possible.

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Glad the vacation was good. Take it easy. Hope you are doing well.