Back to work tomorrow!

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Back to work tomorrow!

Well it's officially here. The summer has come to a close and I will be a working mom again teaching K-12 Art. I've had a wonderful 16 months off. Spent some good time with DD before DS arrived and got the chance to be with DS for 10 months. This job was not expected, but Art jobs don't open up very often within easy driving distance. So, it's back to work. I'm just thrilled it's in a school system and I'll still have my Summer! Good luck to all the other school teachers heading back this month! I think we had a few here.

Here's a pic of our last Summer outing. The Omaha Zoo! It's amazing, so if anyone gets the chance to go, you should!!!!

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I started back at work a few days ago - also teaching. It's great to be with kids, but I love being with my kids too! Have a great time teaching and enjoy your kids when you get home Smile

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I actually went back to work on my due date.. (since Jessica was born 6weeks early). I can't wait to be able to spend some time off when the new baby comes!! I'm hoping to go back to work sometime after the baby is born, but not sure how that's going to work with childcare...

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Good luck going back to work! I'm kinda getting to the point I need to go back to work too!
Glad you enjoyed so much time off! Love the pic!