The bedrest paid off! (35 week appt.)

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The bedrest paid off! (35 week appt.)

I'll start with the most important and then get into the details of my appt. Cervix has not changed since last week! Yahoo

My appointment was 9:00AM so I drove 30 minutes to my appt. after dropping DS off at school, I get there and sign in, then they call my name to the front. The lady tells me that my appt. is tomorrow and I show her my appt card showing that it's today. She has me go to the back to talk to my docs secretary. Ugh! Turns out they made a mistake, but my doctor was up there and said that she's going to see me right away since I have a long drive and it was their mistake. Problem is, next available u/s isn't until 11:00 so I have to wait around the waiting room (thank goodness for Angry Birds)! So I see her and she tells me the great news that my cervix has not changed (still 2 CM, 80% effaced). Last week I was measuring 37 weeks and this week I'm measuring 36 weeks so baby girl has definitely dropped! Afterwards, my doctor offered to let me use her office and play on the internet while I wait for my u/s. I love her! Smile I ended up just going to the waiting room anyways. I'd feel weird just sitting in her office.

So I finally get called for the u/s. She is approximately 6 lbs. 3 oz. U/S tech says that if I go all the way to 40 weeks then she will likely be 8 lbs, but they don't think I will go that far anyways. I know not to put too much faith in the measurements, but it was still fun to get one since I didn't get to with DS. We could see Sophia breathing really fast like she ran a marathon and then she got hiccups. Haha! U/S tech said that she has never seen a baby breathe that much on an u/s and my doc said that its great news. Means her lungs are fully developed! Sophia's feet are to the left side of my belly which explains the rib pain on that side, her butt is to the right, and her head is down. She is completely stretched out and taking advantage of any open space in there. LOL! Here is one my favorite pics I got from today. She was hiding her eyes so all we got was her lips, nose, and chin. I think she has my lips. Smile

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that's great news! Congrats!

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yay for making it this far!!! sounds like you have a great relationship w/ your dr, that is sooo important! and yay for fully developed lungs!

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First of all, cutest pic ever. So sweet!

Second, YAY!!!! This is awesome news. Good job baking that baby girl.

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That is a GREAT pic!!!! I'm so glad that things are going well, and that they were able to see you today! Smile

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That is an awesome pic! Yay on Sophia doing so well Smile

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How fantastic!!!

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Wow, great picture! I love it. Good news at your appointment! I am so happy that her lungs are developed.

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Congrats! That is an awesome picture!!

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Aw so cute! Good job baking that little girl mama :). IMO an eight pounder is perfect! I had two of them, so you can trust me hehe.

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YEAH!!!!! And how sweet is she!!!

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"K_Lo" wrote:

Aw so cute! Good job baking that little girl mama :). IMO an eight pounder is perfect! I had two of them, so you can trust me hehe.

DS was a 5 pounder so an 8 pounder kind of freaks me out especially since I'm going to have her natural. I even tore a little with DS so I guess its time I start those perineal massages! She already weighs more than her big brother did at birth! Haha!

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Love the picture! Glad she is doing so good!

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So glad you had a good appt and she is still baking!!! Love the pic!!! so cute! TFS

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I'm so glad you *finally* had some good news! Those precious little lips are adorable! TFS!