BFing Mamas, Question about AF

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BFing Mamas, Question about AF

I'm exclusively BF'ing on demand. I haven't had a period since having Owen. I'm on the mini pill but I SUCK at taking it. I didn't BF my daughter, so I'm not really sure what to expect. Just wondering if anyone else still hasn't had their first PP AF?

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Not getting AF back at this point is completely normal. A lot of women don't get it back while EBFing at all, it shows up around the time baby starts solids and nurses less. Sometimes it takes longer than that. Test if it will put your mind at ease, but I wouldn't worry.

I spotted a bit twice, once in Dec and once in Jan. I thought it may have been AF but nothing since then. DH and I have been super careful and I haven't O'd, so I'm confident I'm not pg. I got it back at 6 months with DS1 (one then I was pg again lol) and 4 months with DD, but she was smaller so I wonder if it had to do with me making less milk than I did with my boys. Caleb is huge (22lbs) and eats constantly, so I think it'll stay away a while this time.

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I haven't really exclusively breastfed at all, due to a compromised supply and other issues. He has between 5 and 8oz of formula depending on how much I can express right now. Since my pp bleeding stopped I haven't even had any spotting which I am surprised about lol

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The witch showed up March 1 for me. That was before introducing any solids and exclusively BF, so it's totally diff for everyone. First two days were pretty heavy, but I have paragaurd and apparently that's one of the few side effects from it. Only last 4 days though.

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I was nervous a week or two ago so I decided to test to put my mind at ease. I had some spotting twice in January (20 days apart), thinking my periods were back BUT then nothing until today Sad So..I am not sure if "it" is back for good or not...I also started Kendra on solids a week ago so maybe that had something to do with it? I think everyone is different! With DD1, I got the IUD in 6 weeks after I had her and AF was back right away.... I would test if you're stressed about it, because I know I was!! GL!!

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I am not exclusively breast feeding because I don't produce enough.. however, I let Conor nurse whenever he wants to, and I supplement with bottles. That said, AF is not back yet. I didn't get AF back with DD until she stopped breastfeeding all together.

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I got my first pp period in January and haven't had another one since. Just wanted to let you know when you do end up getting it back, it's also normal to skip a couple of cycles while still bfing.

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I just finished my second, first was in January, just after finishing spotting from my iud insertion.

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Ok. first AF showed up march 1st. still exclusively BF. was always on 28 day cycle but it hasn't returned. I've got an IUD so don't think I'm preggers but just adding to the thread that mine is not consistant yet either.

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I have been EBF until this week when we started some cereal. I haven't had a period yet, but am wondering if it might start now that she's eating something other than my milk.

I thought it might come back when she started sleeping through the night, but it has help off. I won't complain if it holds off a little while longer.

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David's been drinking a little bit of formula every day due to the fact that I can't pump as often at work as he would eat at home, so I'm not making enough milk for those days when he's at his baby sitter's. Thus far, I still haven't had an authentic period. Maybe a little bit of staining, but nothing more than that. When I got the IUD, I spotted for a few days, but I haven't seen hide nor hair of my period. I've been enjoying this holiday. Smile