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Have you started pumping and storing yet? If so, how much do you get per session? How much do you already have stored?

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I actually just pulled out my pump and supplies today ... I know at this point with dd1 that I was getting about 6 ounces in 10-15 minutes. Since I don't have to go back to work until sept, I'm not planning on pumping much or storing much, just enough so that on dh's days off he can get up with Gillian and give her a feed, and I can have some dental appts without having to feed her in the middle.
By the way, I love your siggy pic!

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I've pumped with a manual pump twice. The first time I got 3 oz in about 5 minutes and stopped. The second time I got about 1 1/2 oz and then Owen woke up, so I ended up putting that into a bottle and feeding him. He took the bottle nicely and went straight from bottle to breast, so no confusion thankfully Smile I only have the 3 oz frozen so far. I'm going to start pumping once or twice a day I think. I'd like to be able to let DH feed him one bottle per day and at least one night on the weekends so I can get a full night sleep. I'm not going back to work so I don't really need major amounts.

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I can only pump about 1 1/2 to 2 oz per session. It takes about 2 pumping sessions to make a whole bottle. I have probably only 2 days worth stored so far.

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no pumping yet. Little man came early, so my medela attatchments haven't arrived yet. (DD is 4 1/2 years old, so I didn't keeep the tubes and stuff) However, I leak so much from the opposite breast while feeding that I keep a small bottle under that side and get about 2 oz every time. Crazy I know, but I've got about 4 oz frozen and 2 oz in the fridge without pumping and he's had a few bottles of it already or there would be more. I don't have to return to work, but I'm not comfortable BF in public, so it will be used for when we're out and about. Also, we had friends over last night and it was nice not to disappear for 30 mintues with the baby. He's gone back and forth between bottle and breast just fine.

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I try to pump one side, every morning. I normally get about 3oz, which isn't bad considering that with dd1 I was onli getting an ounce, if that when she was this age. I have 20-30 oz in the freezer. And I'm not trying to store much because I won't be returning to work either. But I like to vacation and BFing will not be a good enough excuse to skip a trip lol.

Dana- thx! My hubby finally had time to do a mini photoshoot of the girls. Zaylee cried really badly so we r gonna do another soon.

L.Miller- I remember when I wasn't comfy BFing in public. I got over it by being lost in Arundel Mills Mall (huge mall), having a screaming infant, and a small bathroom with no chair. Seriously!!! That was NOT the way I wanted to transition to BFing in public! Lol. And I so feel ur pain on having company over and getting to enjoy them and ur baby at the same time.

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Owen was born on 10/6 and I have been solely pumping since then. Neither one of my DD's latched so I had to pump with both of them. I decided to do the same this time around. I pump for 15-20 minutes each session and pump every 2-3 hours. I am getting any where from 6-8 ounces each session. Right now I have about 200 ozs of milk frozen and probably another 60 ozs in the fridge that needs bagged up and frozen. Owen will go to daycare at the end of November so it is nice that he will be able to continue to receive the breast milk through out the day.

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I started storing BM in the freezer, but realized I won't really need to store alot, so I pump about 2 oz per session a couple times a day and store it in the fridge so my SO or I can give him one bottle in the evening. Sometimes when I go out I will pump some right before I leave and take a bottle so I don't have to BF.

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No pumping for me. I hate it, and thankfully I don't have to work, and I have no problems feeding baby anywhere at anytime he should need it. I did want to share though, for those of you trying to build a freezer supply. I always found that what worked best for me was to feed baby in the morning on one side, and then pump the other side at the same time. I did that with my second dd and I would get 4-5 ounces every morning to store.