BH Contractions already?

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BH Contractions already?

I didn't realize with my boys every having Braxton Hicks contractions - certainly not this early. But this weekend I kindof overdid it Saturday and I just had to lay down and yesterday we went to a birthday party and I had to lay on the couch the rest of the afternoon. I've been drinking a ton and trying to take it easy. I go to the dr. on Wednesday so I'll mention it then - nothing painful or anything else to be concerned about. Anyone else?

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I never felt them with DS, and haven't with this LO either. I have been feeling pressure real low if I overexert myself, not BH I don't think, but something. I think resting and drinking water is what your supposed to do though! Biggrin

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It is a little early for them, but certainly nothing out of the ordinary. I never had them with my first two, but I had them a lot toward the end with my last 2... not until the 3rd tri though.

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I NEVER felt them with my other 5 but have had a few here and there for several weeks already with this one.....and according to the nurse when I was in the ER at 10 weeks they can start even that early

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Yep I have had a ton of them. I never got them with the boys either. I have to drink more water and rest then they go away.

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I get them a bit when I work too hard, I figure they are a good sign that I need to slow down and just push my girls to work harder to make up the difference.

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I've gotten them with all of my babies. I start getting them earlier each time.