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Big Day

Hi ladies Smile

First of all, I got a diagnosis yesterday for my sick self (finally!). It's Group A Strep and I'm on an antibiotic now. I feel MUCH better already!

I had my scheduled nuchal today, and it was very exciting to see the baby. Before the ultrasound tech did much, he found the heartbeat.. the first time I've actually heard it! It was a healthy 164 beats per minute Smile What a fantastic sound! Then he had to irritate the baby a bit.. it wasn't sitting where he wanted it to sit. Baby kicked, punched, wiggled, and flipped around! It was hilarious and adorable! He got some good measurements of baby, and the numbers look pretty good.. though it's hard to know for sure without the blood test results. I asked for a pic, but he forgot and I decided not to push it today! It won't be long til that big ultrasound where we'll hopefully find out the sex of the baby!

Then, just to make my day more exciting, my DH and I bought a new (to us) Toyota Highlander. It's going to be great for the new baby and DD. We got a pretty good deal on it, and it's in excellent condition!

Now let's hope tomorrow isn't quite as exciting Wink

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what a fabulous day! congrats on the new car Smile

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Great news about the ultrasound! Hope the antibiotics help you feel better soon, and congrats on the car!

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Glad you are feeling better and Yay for a new car. Dr apts are so much better when you get an U/S.

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Congrats! I have my nuchal scan on Tuesday. It may be too early but it's my only day off for 3 weeks. Also, we have a Toyota Highlander. I think you'll be really happy with it!

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:lurk: Glad you and your LO are doing well Lisa! Biggrin