Big debut of the "Bump"!

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Big debut of the "Bump"!

I finally got the guts and posted a picture of my baby bump on facebook. I don't know why I was nervous. I know nobody will say anything negative and I was right. All the comments were how beautiful I look and such a cute bump. Smile My mom was shocked though! We live across the street from my parents and she see's me everyday. She couldn't believe how big I got overnight! LOL! I'm finally starting to actually feel pregnant now that I'm showing, in the 2nd trimester, and just starting to feel human again. Loving this 2nd trimester so far! Can't wait until I can finally feel those big kicks....even if it is in the ribs!

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I demand one Smile

and yay! thats so exciting! I revealed on facebook with the sono pic. It feels so good to have it out in the open.

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Lol! I'll post the picture when I get home. Everybody on my fb has known I'm preggo since I was 5 weeks, but they kept requesting pics so I finally did it. Smile

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How exciting! I haven't been that brave yet, but I am going to have to bare it all soon in Mexico...not a good way to meet DF's family. I still feel like I look big not pregnant!

Hopefully soon we will see lots of pregnant bellies! I'm loving the second trimester too!

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Here is the picture I posted on FB. Smile


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CUTE! I still haven't taken any pics of my bump.. I still feel like I just look extra fluffy :/

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Very cute belly!!

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How precious! Love the bump (=

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Jennifer - you are rockin' that bump! My bump will never be that cute - too much extra fluffiness already.

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precious !! precious !! n totally cute .....!!

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Very cute bump!