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So today is my 36th birthday. DH went into work later and brought me gifts in bed and a cup of decaf. Then my eldest DD had told me I was not to get out of bed until 9am lol I heard them get up and go downstairs. They decided to make me breakfast in bed. Now my 9yr old has helped me cook and stuff but nothing using sharp knives or the stove alone. Well they made me an omelette. It was so good, ham, cheese and tom. But the supercute thing was they decided to decorate it, and they used mini m&m's YUMMMM lol I am not even looking at the mess in the kitchen leaving it for DH lol

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:happybday: :party:

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Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!

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Happy birthday and you have such sweet girls! I hope the mess in the kitchen wasn't too bad. LOL!

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Cuuuute!!! Happy Birthday!!

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Happy birthday! I hope your day continued in the best way!

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wish you a very happy birthday..... :cake: :occasion1:
:band: :happybday:

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:woohoo:Happy Birthday!

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Sorry I'm a day late. I hope you had a wonderful day!

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Sorry I'm late ... hope you had a truly wonderful day!