Bladder don't fail me now!

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Bladder don't fail me now!

Ughh I think its too early to start this, but I have had to be extra careful with my sneezes and coughs lately!! Yesterday I was getting ready to go and just as I was about to sit I sneezed...thank God there was a toilet under me! lol. With DS I don't think this started until a few more weeks, but what a pain it is!!!

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Sadly, I have this happen too. And one time, it was bad. Luckily I was home!!! I really need to remember to use a linder everyday.

I dont think its this pregnancy, but the 4th degree internal tears from ds's birth. They wanted me to do physical therapy, but my insurance wouldnt cover it.

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I started to have that problem in my second trimester which I thought was really early, but I started doing pelvic and kegal excercises and I have had no issues since. Although I don't remember the last time I have sneezed.

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I totally sympathize :/

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Oh I'm right there with you! I'm just so thankful that I'm not working anymore. If I don't get the chance to cross my legs and a pee, then I can just go change underwear and clothes. Good think my Daughter didn't notice the other day. Pretty bad when mommy is peeing in her pants and the 4 1/2 year old hasn't since potty training days. :eek:

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It happens to me to! The worst is on those occasions where I still throw up, that is when I'm truly miserable.

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I have had a bad cough for about 10 days and trust me when I say that I was miserable ... cudn"t decifer if I was coughing more or peeing more... lol!!

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Feel for ya....

I have interstitial cystitis, which is a bladder condition, and I started having this problem at week 19. It has cleared up in the mean time but I'm so not looking forward to the last 7 weeks of this pregnancy.

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Ugh for me it's coughing. Luckily I haven't had a cough lately but with DS1 I was very pregnant all of cold and flu season and I was a mess!

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I have been going through this since very early in the pregnancy! I hate it!!! I have to cross my legs before every sneeze or cough. If I am crouched down and I get a sudden's over...I have to change Sad