Blah, got my period already!

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Blah, got my period already!

Well looks like I am going to do exactly what I did with my first. I officially am having my first postpartum period. With my first I got it back at 6 weeks, so I got an extra week with this one :rolleyes:

so annoying! BFing exclusively without the use of pacis and while cosleeping is supposed to hold it off, but my sis and I both get our periods back about a week after PP bleeding goes away. bah!

just had to vent about mother nature lol! I know this is totally normal for some, I just hope it goes back to how it was before I got pregnant(extremely light and only once every couple of months). So far I only have to use a long liner.

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This happened to me with Clara, every month AF would come and I'd get a drop in supply (and I already battle low supply issues). It was a real struggle but I nursed her until she was 14 months. I didn't have AF while nursing my older boys. Markus is almost 8 weeks old and I had a bit of spotting the other day but no AF yet... hope it stays away this time and I'm exclusively BF and cosleeping too!

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Ugh, sorry. With my first (no co-sleeping and used paci's) I got it back at 8 weeks. I also had to battle a dip in supply every month because of it. Does your supply seem to hold out pretty well, or do you get a dip? After my second I held out for 6 months. I tandem nursed with my 3rd and made it to 15 months. After my last one I made it 9 months. Kind of funny, but since March of 2006 I've actually only had had 2 periods (not counting pp bleeding). After my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th babies were born I got one pp af and then got pregnant again each time!!

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Yeah my supply definitely dips, which makes him nurse more frequently. I had that with my oldest too.

It does explain why my nipples suddenly became sensitive though... ugh!

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I think I may have gotten mine as well but I'm not sure (could still be pp bleeding). My body is like a clock though, ultra regular so I wouldn't be surprised.