Body odor (TMI)

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Body odor (TMI)

Is anyone else notice a change in your body odor? I'm not sure why but by the end of the day (even with no activity) I have to take a shower do to my body odor... My bleeding has stopped however I wear panty liners because I have a little bit of fluid/discharge coming out and it doesnt smell good which contributes to my body odor. Also i have a very good milk supply so when I'm musing my LO on one breast, the other usually leaks. I wear nursing pads but my bras and breast still seem to get a lil wet which by the end of the day isn't the best smell. I'm wondering if the odor from my discharge is normal? Could this be a sign of an infection? I haven't had my 6 week check up yet....

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I don't smell so great either. It started a few weeks before I had him, no matter how much I showered or put deodorant on... I still had a little bit of stink. Now I smell like stink, rotten milk, and fish lol!

Ok... so I think I am the only one who notices it because my mom hasn't said anything(and she does and will if she notices!)... maybe I didn't start stinking more, but my nose became like that of a bloodhound??

Who knows.

As for the odor, it can be normal to have some odor, but it can also be a sign of yeasties or something. Are you itchy down there or is the discharge odd in color or thickness?

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ugh I feel the same way. It probably doesn't help that there are days that I don't get to shower, but I've always hated the smell of my period and the same goes for the bleeding. I leak like CRAZY so I feel you on the sour milk and going through multiple breast pads and still the bra feeling damp. I guess it's just the glorious part of our post pardum bodies. I keep telling myself, "this too shall pass"

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The smell from my bleeding is aweful! I am so tired of it!!! I am not getting a smell from the breastmilk that I leak however, that would concern me a little bit. If you are having sweaty type of BO I wouldnt be surprised, your body is working harder than you realize producing enough milk for your LO.

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"Majka" wrote:

I smell like stink, rotten milk, and fish lol!

That's the perfect way to explain it!

"Majka" wrote:

Are you itchy down there or is the discharge odd in color or thickness?

No itchin or odd odor

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I constantly have this sickly sweet milk smell, bleck. It's not that its such a bad smell, it's more annoying because I cant get it off me!

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I noticed when i was breastfeeding/pumping I felt like by the end of the day I always had bo. Since stopping it has definitely gone away.

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Me too! I smell the sour milk and BO by the end of the day, too. I have been trying to decide if it has to do with holding a hot little body next to my chest and belly often throughout the day - maybe it's making me sweat more. I definitely leak more when she nurses or just nuzzles on my chest and I can really smell it on my cloth pads some days.