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Body Pillow

Someone mentioned it on the belly sleeping thread... I never bought one with DD but I'm thinking about it this time because I usually sleep on my stomach or side when not PG. Any good recommendations?

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I have a comfort U pillow. I love it; it supports my back and front. DH got it for me when I was pregnant with DS#1 and I have used it since. It is big and takes up some room in the bed but it is the only thing that helps me sleep when pregnant.

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I had a V pillow with DD2 that I put between my legs and that was fab. This time I have one of those long body pillows my sister gave me. Haven't had to use it yet. But it does take up a lot of space in the bed lol DH may have to go to the couch lol

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I used one for a couple of weeks with DS. I think I got it at Motherhood, but it made my back hurt so I stopped using it. That's just me though. I've heard other people talk about about how wonderful they are.

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I bought a Snoogle yesterday and it was great last night!

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Body Pillow

I bought a body pillow about two weeks ago because my tail bone was freaking killing me. I don't know what was going on but it literally felt like it was just going to snap right off. I put my legs around the body pillow and used it to make my hips even with each other. This seems to take some pressure off. My only complaints are that: (1) As others have mentioned, the pillow is really bulky. It's like there are three grown adults in bed; (2) It is a pain in the a&& getting the pillow into the pillow case. But, I have some rudimentary sewing skills so I might try to sew a big, loose pillow case for it.

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Body pillows are great if you like to have one leg up while you are sleeping and for women like myself with wide hips it keeps my hips even while I'm sleeping. I find it's more strain on my back/hips later in pregnancy especially if I don't have my body pillow. I just have a long straight one and have 2 pillow cases on it overlapping at each end so it's easy to put them on/off.

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I just have a regular body pillow and I can't live without it while I'm pg. Like Sally, I have wide hips and they get all thrown off while I'm pg. DH has gotten used to it since I've been pregnant 3 times in our not quite 4 year marriage :p.

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I have a Boppy pregnancy pillow and love it Smile