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Funny title, lol

my chest is growing like crazy! I had bought a new bra back in November and it doesnt fit anymore. I am still getting a lot of breat pain, which must be the growing.

Anyone have any good bra suggestions? I normally wear a 36D, as of today, my chest (below boob) is 37" and my boobs are 42" so I have no idea what size I am. lol

In the mail today I got a package from HSN that was lost and cancelled months ago, itys the Rhonda Sheer ahh bras, thay are quite comfy but offer no support, they look like they'll be an awesome nursing bra though since you can just pull it down. Great night bra I guess.

ETA- I just found a site where you enter your measurements and they tell you your size, and I got
Your recommended bra size is 38DD/38E
no freakin way! I would be swimming! or so I think. My boobs are not very full/round, so i always have too much gapping in the top.

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This is an AMAZING fit guide. I love love her site too because she has personal comments on how some of the bras fit (she does in the nursing section at least) and has a great return policy. Smile
Though I did use her site to pick a bra out and then ordered off amazon because it was a little cheaper there.
I was just saying I needed to find a bra I liked as much as my nursing one since I could get rid of it..then I got pregnant again Wink I'm glad because I
I'm a 34G, so I need the under wire. Smile

ETA: that's the right size! I thought the same thing though, because when I got a VS bra in 36DD it didn't fit, the cups were too large. But when I tried this bra, it fit PERFECT.

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i was just going to tell you that you're likely an E now.

mine haven't grown all that much. they are fuller but i can still wear my pre-preg DDs, so i'm sticking with them for as long as possible. bras are expensive when you have boobs this big.
i have no advice for you on where to shop. that's something that i'm already researching. if i find something, i'll let ya know.

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I like Breakout bras too.