Brag on my 3 yr old....

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Brag on my 3 yr old....

He just tied his own shoe. AS far as I know no one has been trying to teach him. I guess he pays pretty close attention to detail when we tie them for him. Smile

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my mom asked him who taught him how to tie it.......he said the washing machine did...lmao

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That's awesome! It is so amazing to see each new skill.

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Wow, the washing machine is pretty talented! Wink

Congrats to your son! He sure is a smart cookie Smile

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What a big boy! And your washing machine! What a teacher :)!

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Wow! That's so great! Where can I get a washing machine like that?

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That's really good! We don't do tie shoes with our 3year old. So he probably has no clue how too! LOL