Braxton Hicks??

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Braxton Hicks??

Do any of you have any experience with BH?? The past two days I have had some cramps off and on that only last for about 30-45 seconds. It almost feels like maybe I have to go potty, but then it goes away and I'm fine. I remember when I went into labor with DS that is what the contractions felt like to me at first. I did not have BH with DS at all so I have no clue what this is. Do you think that maybe this is BH or could it just be painful gas? :confused:

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I've gotten BH all the way through all 3 times. Is your belly getting hard when this happens? Keeping yourself hydrated helps, I hope you find out what's going on!

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I have never noticed I was having them. But when I had my scan on tuesday. When the main tech came in and was scannning she said I was having them lol I am so no sense no feeling I had no clue.

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Never had them with DD but wanted to say I hope it gets better for you. It can't be very fun.
My mother did say that with her pregnancies she got them more and more frequently with each one.

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I never had them with DS, but the girls from the last board had them a lot. They always drank lots of water and rested when they were getting them. Its always scary when you have cramps while pg, even as normal as they could be!

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YUP! Ive started getting them already Sad It pretty much feels like my stomach is a tight ball but after a minute or so it goes back to normal (soft). And normally it happens when Im overdoing it or need to drink more fluids. With DD I didnt even realize they were happening until about 30 sumthin weeks.

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I don't "think" Ive had them with any of my pregnancies. That said my mom says i am a freak of nature because I delivered my twins with no meds and NEVER felt a contraction. The nurses had to tell me when to push. With my 3rd DS I walked into my induction at 6 cm dialated, and hadnt felt anything. I ended up with the HIGHEST dose of pitocin they can Legally give you and still delivered him with no meds. I "think" I felt regular contractions with DD (which is why I went to the hospital) and they were registering but weren't painful. She was a csection though cuz she was breech. And with my last I felt some contractions after I was on a high dose of pit (although the only place I really felt them was right where my csection scar is).......he was born by VBAC after like an hour and a half of "real" labor....

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I felt another one this morning and I noticed that my stomach does feel like a hard ball when it's happening. I also felt a lot of pressure this morning too, but it has since went away. I guess it is BH. Maybe I am just more tuned into my body with this pregnancy.

Amanda - you are a freak of nature!! LOL! Twins w/ no meds!! This will be my first labor with no meds so send me some of your "no pain" vibes! Smile

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Everyone is different and I notice this with birthing as well. I have no idea how you experienced childbirth with no pain, I was screaming with every one that was unmedicated!

I get BH with every pregnancy and with each subsequent pregnancy they start earlier. My uterus gets very hard for about 1 minute and then it goes away, it's not painful at all. They say it's your uterus practicing for real labour, drinking water does not make them go away for me.

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I've had them already too! Mine cone when I'm doing too much or if I'm not hydrated enough. It's a reminder to me to slow down abd drink more fluids. But of course that easier said than done when Im chasing behind a 13mo old and a 3 year old Smile

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Never got em with DD so I have no idea what they feel like.

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Mine first started about a month or so ago this time. Like some of the other ladies described, it just feels like a strange tightening sensation once you tune into the strange sensation. BH for me are not painful right now. Whenever I have BH or a new "strangeness", I drink some water and lay down on my left side.

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yeah, i've been noticing them too - definitely worse when I'm overdoing it or haven't had enough to drink - which has been very often the past few weeks as we're moving and DH can't take off from work - so it's basically me moving. But i have to say i have a lot of good friends here who have been helping me a ton!

What I did notice, which was really interesting, is how my breathing changes when I'm having one. I could be sitting down reading and suddenly, I'll need to breath deeper, like I've been climbing a hill or something! It just reminds me that the uterus really is just a muscle that is working really hard! That is what has helped me through my labors, remembering to treat the pain like muscle pain, with moist heat, massage and movement.