Braxton Hicks

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Braxton Hicks

I am sure this has been discussed already...

I started having noticable braxton hicks lately, one actually woke meup the other night! I hadnt had enough to drink that day and it was very hot, so I am sure thats what caused it. My belly was hard!!!

Anyone else having them regularly?

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I have them constantly, do with every pregnancy. I find they are the worst after sex!

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I have had a few today too!

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Mine started really early this time. They come & go now. When I do get them, I always make sure to drink more water. I didn't have any really painful ones last time until I was well into the 3rd tri. Right now, they are just noticable but not painful.

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Yeah I've gotten them with all of my pregnancies, seems like every pregnancy they start earlier. I try to drink water and rest, but it usually doesn't do much. Unless I am really over doing it!