Breastfeeding Issues

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Breastfeeding Issues

David has decided that he doesn't want to eat at the 9:00(ish) pm feeding. We start out on one breast, and he drinks for about 8 minutes. Then, he loses interest or goes to sleep. After that, I switch him to the other breast. He sucks for about two or three minutes. Then, he screams bloody murder while intermittently stopping to suck on my breast. I've tried burping him and giving him a break for a few minutes while I change his diaper, but this doesn't seem to help. I've wondered if it's an undersupply issue but last night the milk came pouring out when he pulled off to cry. It has also occurred while my breast has seemed pretty light and empty so it's not necessarily an oversupply issue either. Is anyone else having this problem (or have had it)? If you have any insight as to what is going on, I would really appreciate it. He has also started doing it during other feedings today. I shouldn't take it so personally, but when he cries and refuses the nipple, it breaks my heart.

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It could be reflux. My second acted like that. She had moderate silent reflux. I could see her gag on and off too. When they start to eat it will start to burn so they'll scream, then gulp milk to try to get it to stop, but then it doesn't so they scream some more, etc. etc. repeat.

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I was going to say the same thing as Annmarie! Sophia did the exact same thing before she was diagnosed with reflux.

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Reflux is definitely something to think about. Also, is it possible that he's just not hungry? I remember my second dd would do that in the evening. I kept trying to get her to feed and she would just pull off and keep crying. When I decided to just walk her around the house and bounce/rock her instead, she then calmed down and went to sleep.

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Is it a consistent thing or just an every now and then type thing? If it happened constantly I might wonder about reflux, if it wasn't I'd think maybe he just wasn't hungry like Laurie said. Could it just be typical evening fussiness?