Brenna's Birthstory (finally) long (sorry)

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Brenna's Birthstory (finally) long (sorry)

Well, for the most part this is not a super exciting story. We checked in the hospital on the night of October 12th so we could start the induction process. That night they put the tape in my cervix. They checked my cervix before we started and we were still high and tight as they referred to it and only a little dialated. This did make me start to have contractions and more than anything get super crampy although nothing unbearable.

The morning of the 13th I woke up. Soon after they checked me and took the tape out. While I contracted all night nothing had changed. A little disappointing, but I knew no matter what I was having a baby today. So I got up and took a shower before the doctor came. Once the doc got there, mind you this is not my normal OB. This was the (as they call it at my practice) the doc on deck. Basically one doc a day from my practice does all of the hospital rounds. It happen to be the only man doc in the practice. I really did not mind at all. He was a bit rough. He came into check me, break my water, and start my piotocin. Well, he came in around 7am to check on me andhis check was so rough and he kept jabbing me with the rod to break my water so hard I kept tensing up so that was totally unsuccessful. He decided to wait and see if I dialated anymore so it would be easier to break my water. They started the piotocin and my contractions started to become regular and last a while. The doc said he would be back at noon to check my progress.

Well, let me tell you labor was pretty boring. The contractions were uncomfortable but they weren't unbearable so I went with them. We watched some TV and played on the ipad but for the most part just let labor happen. I decided around 11:30 to get an epidural. I really did it more so that I could not feel him try and break my water and check me. My contractions were really not that unbearable. The epidural was not that painful either. It was weird. It was like my body was stoned but I was not. The doc came and checked me at noon. I was so hoping for progress. He was able to break my water but I still had not made any progress. He said he would be back at 5 ish to check me again. So we waited. I did get sick at one point. We thought that was a good sign. but overall a pretty boring wait.

Well fastfoward to 5, I was checked again. If I had made any progress they were going to let me keep laboring. Well, again NO change. Man did it suck to hear that. He told me I could labor another 3-4 hours and see if anything changed. If it had not we would end up in c section or we could just go for the c section now. Well, he didn't think I was going to do anything on my own so we opted for the c section. I have never been so sick in my life. I had a really hard time with the epi. I threw up for a long time even during the section. It was all worth it when I heard her sweet cries. The doc allowed my husband to stand up and tell everyone what the gender was. That was a really special moment. This totally was not the birth experience I had thought I would have but overall, it wasn't horrible. Recovery from the section has been relatively easy.

Brenna Cameron
8lb 3.9 oz
20 inches
apgars 8/9

She isn't nearly as big as I thought but they all seem to act like she is huge for a baby girl.

Here is the link for some pics on FB

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Congratulations on your sweet baby girl! Thanks for sharing your story with us Smile

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Sorry you had to go the c-section route, but great birth story nonetheless! Congrats on your little princess!

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Congrats on your healthy little girl! Thanks for sharing your story.

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Sorry you had to have a c-section but it seems like everything turned out well. Congrats again on Brenna's birth!!!

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Congrats on your sweet baby girl! Sorry you needed a c-section, I know they aren't fun!