Broke the News!

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Broke the News!

...and boy does it feel good! We told everyone except DHs fam. It sounds bad...i know, but he said he didnt wanna tell them yet?!? I Im not really sure y but we arent as close to them as we r my fam.

Anywhooo....I told just about everyone that I came in contact with over the last couple of days. I just cant hold it in any more lol. My family have been raving over this pregnancy and cant wait until October Yahoo

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thats so great! it feels so good to be able to really celebrate it and share the news.

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It feels good to let it out! We are waiting until after the next apt to tell the world but many people know already.

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Congrats! It feels good when you don't have to try and hide it or keep a secret!

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Yay! How wonderful!!

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Yea it reaally is great! I just left my moms and when I was walking around with my pants undone they didn't even think it weird...but cute Smile I'm glad that I can get comfy around them now.

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It's such a nice feeling .... congrats !! can't wait for the next 12 days to be over myself ..thats when we announce !!

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Totally Agree

I know exactly how you feel. I just keep forgetting that I haven't told anyone so I'm tired of trying not to slip up. I've told immediate family but I'm really trying to hold out until I'm exactly 13 weeks before I tell other people. Only 9 more days to go!

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YAY! I bet it feels so good. Biggrin