Bummed over weight gain!

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Bummed over weight gain!

I try to stay away from the scale, but curiosity got the best of me this morning and I stepped on it. I have gained a whole 23 lbs. (so a gain of 1 lb. a week) and I am 11 lbs. over the recommended weight gain. Sad I don't know how this happened. I obviously eat a little extra now since before I got pregnant, but I also have the Lap Band and had to have it loosened so I can eat more. My portions are now larger than the 4 ounces I used to consume, but other than that I don't eat any different foods than I did before. If anything, I eat more fruit than I did before. I am so depressed! I'm hoping that it's just all water retention though. I'm not swollen yet, but I did get extremely swollen with DS and gained 50 lbs., but lost 30 by the time I got home from the hospital. I never cared about the weight gain with DS, but I'm just really nervous that my doctor will want to send me to a nutritionist or something. She never said anything about my weight with DS so I'm hoping she doesn't this time either. Has anyone else gained too much already???

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I've gained about the same. I think probably about 20 pounds now or so... which is always what I gain by about this point in my pregnancies. I ALWAYS gain right around 15 in the first tri. It's just the way my body gains, and I don't worry about it. At least in my case I know that my weight gain slows down drastically in the 3rd tri. I end up gaining right around 35 pounds with my pregnancies. No water retention here either. When I come home from the hospital I have usually only lost about 8-10 pounds. No big deal. The weight comes off. I have always been back down to my pre-pregnancy weight by about 6 months pp.

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While I haven't gained that much weight, your weight gain IS probably water. Don't forget that baby, placenta, and amniotic fluid weighs something, too.

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I was about the same as you last time. I just looked at my notes and at 23 weeks I was +22 lbs. I ended up gaining about 40 lbs by the time DD arrived. It was more than my plan but we were both healthy in the end and my OB never said a word.

I'm sure some of that is water weight and don't forget your bowels have slowed down... so some weight is probably hanging out in your intestines, etc. Also, the babies are gaining more rapidly now too. BTW, I only weigh myself (when I do) first thing in the mornings because otherwise it seems to add more lbs as the day progresses.

This time is different because I've been so sick but I've gained about 10+ lbs in the last 4 wks. I go to my appt tomorrow.

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I think I've gained 10lbs so far with this pregnancy but I am already overweight. I put on A LOT of weight when I'm pregnant/breastfeeding and I got pregnant while breastfeeding... not good! LOL With my first I put on 50lbs, with the twins I put on almost 80lbs, with my other pregnancies I think I gained about 25-30lbs. I don't worry about the weight at all and I've never had a doctor say anything. Just eat when you are hungry and think about the healthy baby you are growing inside you. There's lots of time to work it off later. Smile

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just remember that the numbers are averages. Not everyone gains the same and plenty of people have happy healthy babies while gaining more than the perfect 30lbs. Don't get down on yourself! I'm sure we'll all end up swollen since we'll be quite pregnant during the end of the summer. That's the only thing I'm not looking forward to about my trip to Savannah this summer.

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I've only gained 10lbs so far, but I have been sick! I was exactly like you with DS though. I gained 50, and lost 30 by the time I came home! It was all water weight. My doc never said anything to me about weight because I was still healthy/active, and my blood pressure was perfect as well as my sugars. I think as long as your staying healthy you should be fine. Try not to worry too much! :bigarmhug:

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Thanks ladies! You always make me feel better. Smile One of my friends who went to a different doctor, but in the same group, had to go to a nutritionist so I guess that is what makes me nervous. Then again this friend would also eat 2 hot dogs, a hamburger, and french fries all in one sitting while pregnant so it may have been best that she went to one. LOL! My doctor always says my weight looks good even though I gained 13 lbs in my first trimester so I'm probably worrying for nothing.

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I haven't really gained anything this time (1lb) but with my previous pregnancies I gained a TON! DS I gained 70 and DD I gained 50. My MW never said anything about it and it came off very quickly. I remember you saying you were going to BF this LO, so keep in mind that helps the weight come off and try not to worry about it too much :).

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I'm probably about that too and I've been eating super good this pregnancy. I don't think it matters I think your body does what it wants to. As long as you know you're doing the best you can that's all you can do. I know it does suck though!